Born in 1979 Beejoir hails from humble beginnings in the South West of England where he spent his youth.

Entirely self taught, his early days working on the street left him open to the use of vernacular materials and processes to display and deploy his desired message. Initially painting in the UK and Europe before moving to and settling in Asia in 2007 to forge a new lifestyle and begin his career as a full time artist. From there came Souled Out Studios [1] now one of the worlds leading publishers and supporters of Street Art, co-founded by Beejoir.

Using varied practice's and methods of installation, sculpture, painting, spray painting and drawing with strong juxtaposition to explore modern society, conveying the way in which he sees the changing world around him and where he see's it heading...

Beejoir developed his interest in human traits with strong references to greed, self indulgence and the breakdown of community while travelling continually throughout Europe, Africa and Asia in the late 90's and early 00' being exposed to the stark contrasts of the overtly rich as well as crippling poverty which often sit side by side... refereces from those times can be clearly seen in his early works.

He has sucessfully shown, curated and exhibited in over 70 solo and group shows across the world in some of the leading private galleries, institutions and auction houses [4], being recognised in 'Beyond the Street the worlds 100 leading figures in street art'[5], as well as featuring in academic papers [6] and popular culture blogs such as Kanye Wests 'KanyeUniverCity'[7] Wooster Collective.

Credited as 'making 2013 Frieze weeks most irreverent work' by Financial Times critic Rachel Spence[2], Beejoir's never stepped far from controversey, with hard hitting images such as the iconic 'LV Child', 'Money Trap', 'Saatchi & Saatchi Punch & Judy' and in 2015 producing his large scale installation #NRCSSM an immersive show questioning our relationship with narcissim in the digital age [3] at the Bangkok CityCity Gallery.

He now spends his time equally between Asia and Europe, producing his own work as well as advising and curating gallery shows for some of the leading artists in the street art movement.